NEON! The Black Light Graffiti-bag Wall for events, exhibition & Neon Graffiti Performance

This innovative graffiti art event idea is not only colorful, the lights are stunning and
after this graffiti show, You can hand out translucent giveaways!

Urban Artists offers, first in the world, the NEON graffiti-bag wall for your event with NEON effect and fluorescent colors.

You book the NEON / Black Light Graffiti-bag Wall as a translucent eye-catcher with black light-graffitifactor. Our artists from Urban Artists design the NEON bright, Black Light Graffiti Wall pocket, being absolutely flexible on time and location, eg at your exhibition-booth. YOU can either give to your guests the individual (unique) designed NEON bags, consisting of mint truck tarpaulin, as a give-Away, or use an interesting, custom binding, Raffle. The NEON-graffiti-bag wall is already in itself a highly visible eyecatcher but the NEON - Black Light version of our unique graffiti-Pocket Wall will amaze your guests by its pure innovation and uniqueness in a translucent event, exhibition or as a graffiti-show act at your exhibition booth. The NEON-bag wall is probably unique in the world and will attract your customers like a luminous magnet.  We are looking forward to your inquiry!

Pure NEON Graffiti!

The NEON graffiti-bag wall is an utterly eye-catcher for every event, show and exhibition. Book the artists from Urban Artists to provide translucent colors in NEON attention for your business.

Blacklight Neon Graffiti Workshop & Teambuilding

Not only the NEON / Black Light Graffiti Artists and the performance of our bright NEON colors will catch the eye of your visitors: YOU submit a handcrafted designer bag as a present (Give-Away) to your customers and visitors. 100% NEON-Unique is the device!

Entstehung Neon-Graffiti-Events auf Taschen


The NEON-bag wall, consisting of 40 (T40) or 50 (T50) bag covers, is individually and completely designed to your liking with fluorescent NEON colors (Separate multiple performance runs possible).



NEON graffiti wall pocket with unique bags for your event

In the following step, the pocket covers are velcroed to the so-called pocket bodys and sealed with special scratch resistant coating. Later, the final unique NEON-bags can be handed over to visitors & guests. A generous attention which certainly will remain in the minds of your customers and will create space for nice business talks.

NEON! Graffiti-Tasche als Beispiel für Neon-Graffiti-Workshops mit Urban Artists

Our handmade bags are 100% within the EU produced individual pieces in high quality.

NEON-Graffiti-'Taschen Workshops und Eventgraffiti mit Teambuilding

Your logo & event device on the wall! The NEON graffiti-bag wall is flexible and capable of branding. In addition to the pocket wall, we can brand each bag individually. Talk to us.




VIDEO: NEON-Graffiti-Taschenmauer

Coming soon!


Urban Artists Neon-Blacklight Graffiti





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