Graffiti Canvas Workshops (Streetart)

Graffiti Workshop on canvas (partition)

Urban Graffiti Artists offers workshops on canvas for teams and companies from 5-500 participants per group.

You can creatively design with spray cans on partitions of linen! Depending on the size of the group, teams are formed to take a canvas in hand and develop their own work under professional supervision. Either a global topic is chosen which, for example, matches the "Company", or custom themes are being developed in a short brainstorming. Also popular is the following alternative in which the teams carry out a kind of competition (Graffiti Battle). At the end of the event the team with the most beautiful, interesting result will be voted or announced by a jury. This workshop challenges the team and is perfect for team building. We are looking forward to your inquiry!

Operation & material of this graffiti-workshop

At the beginning of the graffiti canvas workshops, the participants and the workshop leaders sit down together and develop first ideas on paper in the group (brainstorming). The pencils, spray cans and stencils can also be tested on the paper in order to get a first "feel" for the material.

Following the "brainstorming" it is time to dunk into colors. All workshop participants receive on request "protective clothing" and materials such as the spray cans and can try them on the wall themselves. Backed by our supervisor and workshop leader, even complex design concepts and techniques can be implemented. Each of the Urban Artists workshop leader has extensive knowledge in the various ranges and has already been working in the field of graffiti development & street art in urban life for several decades.


The partition walls (linen)

The spray-ground, consisting of linen, is primed in advance from Urban Artists so that all colors will hit ideal brilliance during the graffiti workshops. For groups with many participants we build a small canvas city or arrange for the walls to have a larger surface to be able to work all together on a piece of art.

* Sample view for our canvases used. Size & quality are individually adapted to your event. Depending on the agreement, the particular screen can be removed as a collective work and, for example, be installed in the company of the participants as an artwork. However, the canvas can also be cut into small pieces so that everyone can take a piece as a souvenir of this graffiti art event.

VIDEO: Graffiti-Canvas Workshop





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Graffiti design & contract work

The creative team of urban artists designs surfaces, walls, vehicles and other grounds for you. Whether stylish office space or delivery vehicle - we make your work environment or your personal space modern and colorful. In the past, Urban Artists have already supported agencies and professionals with creative services around the topic of street, graffiti and Urban Living. Well known companies rely on the advertising effectiveness of Graffiti, figures, and other style elements of our artists. Just contact us  and together we will develop a design and individual concept for visualizing your ideas. 

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